16 Apr 2014, 15:35

James Grenning (137 posts)

Hi All

Sorry for the broken build. I have taken the code to github where I can better keep it up to date. I had to restructure the directories. See the README.md at my github repo for the code.

02 Jul 2014, 11:36

Arnd R.Strube (57 posts)

Moving the code to Github is a great idea.

As a suggestion for future improvements, it would now be possible to use Git so the evolution of each example is captured in Git, rather than the folder structure. So rather than a “t0”, a “t1” etc. folder, these would be commits. Although I must say I have always been struggling with the “t”s – I guess I would prefer commits following page numbers, and each change in the book code being captured in a suitable commit.

I do this myself in courses I teach and I find it very easy to jump around in the commits that refer to specific points in my presentation, using a temporary branch that I reset as needed.

Since I build an “artificial” history to do this, the actual evolution of the entire history needs to be captured in some other way, e.g. (shudder!) .zip archives. I haven’t found a better way for that yet.

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