08 Jun 2014, 17:54

Didier Malenfant (2 posts)

Where does the ‘ppExportRelationship’ key come from in the example about exporting a recipe to XML?

I see it being tested against but, looking at the sample code, I can’t see where it is getting created or set anywhere.

01 Jul 2014, 20:15

Marcus S. Zarra (253 posts)

That key is defined in the Prefix.pch file. I tend to store all of my #define there so that they are exposed project wide.

29 Jul 2014, 20:16

Didier Malenfant (2 posts)

I should have worded my question more clearly.

I understand where the key is defined. My question is where is any value getting set for this key?

I can see the test for the value in moToDictionary: but I can’t see any code or data setting this value to anything.

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