10 Mar 2013, 16:40

David Chelimsky (206 posts)

I’ve started work on an update that will bring all the examples up to date with RSpec-2.13, Ruby-2.0, Rails-4.0, and the latest versions of all the other gems used in the book. The content will remain largely unchanged beyond alignment with the APIs and output of the most current versions (this is not a new edition). The biggest exception is that we’ll be using Capybara instead of Webrat.

Should be out by early summer 2013.

12 Mar 2013, 05:18

Conrad Taylor (11 posts)

David, it’s great to hear that you’re in the process of upgrading the book to support the current version of RSpec. Next, I like the other gems and it seems that they are used in combination with RSpec; especially Cucumber. Also, in past projects, I have done all testing with RSpec and Capybara which was an awesome combination for testing unit, functional, and integration testing. Now, there’s a couple of books for Cucumber: ‘The Cucumber Book’ and ‘Cucumber Recipes’. Thus, I was wondering, would it be a better idea to simply cover the following topics:

  • RSpec Core
    • Ruby
    • Rails
    • Intro Capybara
    • Rails with Capybara
    • Writing fast tests (reference Gary Bernhardt or Corey Haines) Note: This is very important and I feel that it needs to be covered if you want to have a chance at doing proper BDD with a fast feedback loop.

It almost seems Cucumber could be mentioned when talking about writing acceptance testing. Then one can easily reference the other books above for further reading. In short, I feel that the book should put more focus on using RSpec to write both good and fast executing tests. Also, it should cover the various areas of testing: unit, functional, integration, regression, and performance. Just a few thought that I had about the second version of the book.

14 Mar 2013, 02:05

David Chelimsky (206 posts)

Conrad - all good ideas for a 2nd edition, but this effort is to get the examples in the current edition working with current versions.

14 Mar 2013, 04:49

Conrad Taylor (11 posts)

David, here’s a another thought that I failed to mention in my previous comment. Is it possible to release incremental updates to the e-books when RSpec releases a major and/or minor version to the framework similar to what the authors are doing with ‘Agile Web Development with Rails’ and ‘Programming Ruby’? BTW, I have started to reduce my purchasing of both the e-books and paperback books (i.e. combo) in lieu of just the e-books because I can read them both on my computer as well as on my mobile devices and I’m simply running out of space. :-( In general, my rule is to get the combo book package when I consider the book to be a good desktop reference like ‘The RSpec Book’. Otherwise, I just get the e-book.

24 Mar 2013, 14:13

David Chelimsky (206 posts)

Unlikely that we’d keep up to date with minor releases, though there might be a new edition after a major release, but I make no promises - depends on too many unknown factors.

19 Sep 2013, 18:51

Ricardo Cruz (1 post)

@David, what’s the status of the book? I’m really interested on reading an updated edition

24 Sep 2013, 23:51
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Ray Dipasupil (4 posts)

Looking forward to the updated edition as well. Please keep us posted!

  • RSpec fan
02 Jul 2014, 08:50

mojibake (1 post)

So far so long, I would like to ask the RSpec book had recently updated yet?

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