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06 Feb 2013, 04:33
Andrew Pape (1 post)


I’ve used Qt Jambi to make a GUI for my Java project. I’ve used NetBeans, which works, but found it only runs the app when in debug mode. Since then, I have followed the book’s advice and not relied on an IDE. I have the groovy build script working, but have problems with jar files, jnilib files, and dylib files, and the general folder structure. I’ve spent many hours on the Mac’s shell and my code never runs. It compiles but fails immediately with a Qt error, perhaps expecting some files (like dynamic Qt ones) to be in a particular folder. I’m wondering how to get the whole thing to work. The book mentions jar files but I’m not sure what to do with the other Java file types (jnilib and dylib), which I don’t think is mentioned in the book.

Any help appreciated.



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