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20 Jan 2009, 01:42
tripdragon (2 posts)

Of the two vids. Is that really all there is to Obj-c to start on Cocoa and iphone? Does not seem like a lot there. I mean the screencasts were fine.

Just curious. Cause I was literally hitting my head against virtual pdf books and docs over Obj-c before this screen cast. But it all seems to short.

20 Jan 2009, 02:29
Bill Dudney (916 posts)


There are of course lots and lots of details that you could learn. But the screencasts will get you going with what ObjC is all about.

I’d be really interested to know how the screencasts helped you ‘get it’ or not so that I can make the future episodes better fit your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

21 Jan 2009, 02:43
tripdragon (2 posts)

If there’s more to go or some really straightforward code that is always used, that’s the next screen cast I would like.

As example. Not a pure cocoa per say screencast. But explain and show the types of code, patterns and use of what is used on a day to day basis in a burn rubber no holds bar screencast. Jam as much as possible, don’t go into to much detail. Just show what works why it works and on to the next.

I hate reading filler in books when all I want to know is what works how it works and how I can best use it in the code styling right away. I think I just said that 3 times in a way but I really hate fluff. And your screen cast was very good about maintaing a very very low amount of fluff. Plus! I can increase the playback speed!

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