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12 Feb 2009, 22:55
John Clark (2 posts)

I really enjoyed the first two screencasts, and learned much from them. Looking forward to more.

I am an academic with background in EE and CS, which is to say, lotsa theory, and not too much practice. I was brought up on procedural programming… plenty of C and Unix.

Something I would like to see is coverage of the design aspects of Objective-C programming. By that I mean, how do you go from a verbal and/or mockup description of an app (“back of the napkin”), to a proper MVC skeleton that captures the key ideas in Objective-C code? This could be taken as a language-independent question. However, I would like to see the process discussed in the specific context of Objective-C, with all its particular idioms, patterns, etc.

I guess the underlying practical question is: when you’ve got an idea for an app, how do you proceed? How do you get - how do you bridge the gap - from the idea, to the point where you’re actually doing something in xcode and IB?

12 Feb 2009, 23:24
Bill Dudney (916 posts)

Hi John,


There are many different approaches you can take. What I usually end up doing is commonly called ‘paper prototyping’. But not as formal as the methods defined by the books on the subject.

After nailing down what I want the app to look like I usually draw out some of the classes in OmniGraffle to make sure that what is in my head will work.

Then I start writing code.

This would be a great screen cast, I hope to have the time to make one like this soon.

Thanks for the kind words!

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