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31 Mar 2009, 07:04
Steve Fogel (20 posts)

Hi, all…

I have a detail view implemented by a grouped table view. It’s a view where you enter data for a record. Most rows push a pick-list table view onto the stack when tapped. To not surprise my users, I want them to tap Edit before I let them make changes. Seems like if I go into Editing mode with an edit/done button, the behavior is opposite of what I want.

*Row accessories disappear (although I know I can disable this.) I want them to be hidden when NOT in editing mode and show when in editing mode. *Rows are not selectable in edit mode. Nothing happens.(Why is that?) I want them to be selectable (can go to a pick list, or whatever) in edit mode, and not selectable (nothing happens) in non-editing mode.

I could simulate all this with my own edit button, not the one returned by [self editButtonItem]. Seems like the Contacts application did that to some extent.

Should I simulate the editing/done cycle with my own code?



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