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03 Jul 2009, 02:06
Alvise Susmel (9 posts)

Hi! When will You upload new episodes (like unit testing) ? Thanks.

Alvise Susmel

09 Jul 2009, 15:53
Bill Dudney (917 posts)

Hi Alvise,

Sorry, been really busy. We are working on more episodes but no firm release date is set. We will announce them here, there and everywhere when they are released.

09 Jul 2009, 17:08
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

I am happy to say I will be one of your students in Denver for iPhone. :) What I feel should be covered is at least at a high level screen cast of OpenGL ES, Open CL and GCD. Another interesting topic would be the Cappaccino and Objective-J set (even though still pretty Beta), But I think I talked the “Peepcode” guys into doing one, so may not have to worry about that particular subject. And of Course MacRuby (which Mike clark already has on his site).


06 Nov 2009, 17:08
Michael Penrow (6 posts)

Love the screencasts so far. Really looking forward to one on unit testing. Any update on possible release date?

Michael Penrow

22 Apr 2010, 05:45
MultiMe (2 posts)

I’d love to see the Unit testing episode! A book covering the Cocoa/ObjC environment with unit tests would be awesome too :)

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