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12 Jul 2009, 23:57
Brian Williams (1 post)

Hello, I am trying to redraw two separate views triggered by one touch event. I am using a timer, and after one second, redrawing the UIImageViews with new images. My problem is the only view that is getting redrawn is the view that triggered the event. The other view gets its image changed, but does not redraw. Is there a way to force a view to redraw? I have tried the setNeedsDisplay method, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Thanks,


13 Jul 2009, 03:17
Bill Dudney (916 posts)

Hi Brian,

If the redraw is triggered by a time why are you messing with the events?

Make sure that the view you are telling ‘setNeedsDisplay’ to is visible has a window etc and make sure its not nil. There is no reason that setNeedsDisplay should not work unless the view is not what you think it is.

Good luck!

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