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02 Aug 2009, 03:03
Linda Miller (4 posts)

In Lesson 2, in the Movie_Player.m file I tried using the dot syntax on this

Instead of :

[movie setGrossSales: salesNumber];

I tried :

movie.setGrossSales = salesNumber;

I get the error:

“error: request for member ‘setGrossSales’ in something not a structure or a union.”

I obviously am doing something wrong and am misunderstanding where I can use the dot syntax.

The line under that, I have

salesNumber.release; and this does not generate an error; and movie.release; both work fine as well.

Can you speak to my misuse of the dot syntax?

Thank you, Linda

02 Aug 2009, 03:33
Linda Miller (4 posts)

Sorry. It only took me a few minutes to figure out the problem. It should be:

movie.grossSales = salesNumber and shouldn’t use the “setGrossSales”


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