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23 Nov 2009, 21:47
Barry Barnes (3 posts)

I bought the first screencast for Coding in Objective-C 2.0 since it says you don’t need experience in C and you can be new to programming. Boy was I wrong. All the comparisons to other languages was a problem. This is NOT for beginners. If you want to be able to learn from these screencasts, make sure you have programming knowledge or you will be lost and out of money.

Thanks anyway. If you ever make a “Beginners Coding in Objective-C 2.0”, I might check it out. Just please label your screencasts properly. Do list if the viewer should have history in programming, that’s all I ask.

Other than that, this is a fine video for those with some knowledge of Obj-C.

23 Nov 2009, 23:32
Bill Dudney (916 posts)

Hi Barry,

Really sorry they did not work for you. We do say in the description that this series is for programmers. Not for non-programmers.

For an introduction to programming in general there are a couple of prag books that I can highly recommend.

Tim Isted’s book on programming using Cocoa as your first adventure into programming. Its well written and really takes you from absolute beginner to novice.

Another great first programming book is Chris Pine’s book. Its a great complement to Tim’s book (or vice versa) because it uses a different language (Ruby) to get you started. Approaching the task from two vantage points is a great way to really understand it.

Good luck to you and if I can help please don’t hesitate to post back here on the forums or to this thread.

24 Nov 2009, 14:31
Barry Barnes (3 posts)

Wow, I’m really surprised. I wasn’t expecting a refund, but I was given one. Very high level of service here. I’ll check out those books that you mentioned. When I’m up to snuff, I’ll check out more books and screencasts from pragprog.

I think you just made a customer for life, or until you guys quit. Seriously, I’m gonna refer this place to some friends of mine. They have programming skills, but not iPhone knowledge. Thanks again for this extreme high level of professionalism. I appreciate it.

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