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04 Dec 2009, 18:12
Bill Gathen (28 posts)

Auto-reload behavior disappeared from development mode in Sinatra 0.9.2. rtomayko has created a tool called shotgun ( that fires an instance of mongrel (thin, webrick, whatever) and brokers the connection, grabbing the files live every time.

sudo gem install shotgun


shotgun shorten.rb

supposedly gets you going, but I had to do it like this on Snow Leopard, to combat a Mongrel “initialize_without_backlog” SocketError:

shotgun -o -p 4567 shorten.rb

08 Jan 2010, 08:42
Hunter Gillane (2 posts)

Bill -

The default host for shotgun is and the default port is 9393. You should be able to start shotgun without specifying the host:

shotgun -p 4567 shorten.rb

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