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30 Aug 2010, 23:34
Simon P. Chappell (20 posts)

I have a problem with the ePub version of the book. When I read it on my Nook, it freezes when trying to forward from page 47 to page 48. When I do a hard reset (press power button for 20 seconds) I can read other books, but this one is stuck on page 43 and any attempt to navigate within the book causes it to go into a perpetual “opening your document” mode from which it does not recover. My other books on the Nook behave normally, including more than half a dozen other PragProg books.

Has anyone else experienced this?

08 Sep 2010, 12:34
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

Because ebook readers do their own pagination, I can’t tell from here just where in the book you are when you have the problem. Could you tell me what’s at the bottom of your page 47?

15 Sep 2010, 21:47
Simon P. Chappell (20 posts)

Dave, Sorry for what in retrospect was an awful problem report. I had thought that you’d have a Nook or two laying around the office. So, putting my geek hat on, the scoop is as follows:

The problem is with the display of the table that appears on page 52 of the PDF, titled “Figure 3.2: Pax Construct provides several scripts to automate development of OSGi projects.” This table is in file “f_0018.html”. I haven’t had chance to cut the table up and rebuild the book, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the problem. If, I go directly to the chapter after the problem section, everything continues to work fine. And the epub file does validate in EpubCheck v1.0.5, so it must be a Nook capacity issue rather than a problem with the book.

Oh, and it’s a very interesting book, so I’m enjoying reading it.