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13 Feb 2011, 23:25
Eric Foss (1 post)

I’m having a basic problem with XCode (which I haven’t used for quite some time and was never very proficient with). Some months ago, I was having trouble specifying which file I wanted to execute. For example, I would hit “Build and Run” on the file I had open, and then that file would not run but instead would run a previously open file. I figured out that some files would be listed under “Source” in the “Groups and Files” pane on the left and that the old file (that I didn’t want to execute) would be in there. So I’d delete that file, hit “Build and Run” on the current file, and everything would work fine. Now, however, I’m running into a somewhat related problem: I had a file open and then I click “New File” and save it, I delete the references to the old file under “Source”. Now the new file is open in a pane on the bottom, it’s not listed under “Source” or the project folder. If I right click “Source” or the project folder and select “add existing file”, the file I’d like to select is not selectable (it’s grayed out) - presumably because I’ve already selected it. But nonetheless, I don’t see the file in any of the groups or in the main window on the top. Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.


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