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30 Oct 2013, 16:45
Gernot Starke (1 post)

since the book and ISIS somehow use different terminology, I wonder wether the (plain old NO-rooted) DnD viewer is still available…

Coulnd’t find any current info on this topic in ISIS documentation… but it’s heavily used in your book :-(

thx, Gernot

22 Apr 2014, 09:24
Dan Haywood (133 posts)

For anyone reading this… the answer is that the DnD viewer was still shipped when Isis was in the Apache incubator, but it has not since been shipped once we graduated (Oct 2012).

We will be discussing whether to support the DnD viewer going forward in Jun 2014 at a mini-conf in Milan. (My own preference is to drop it and replace with a “next-gen” viewer using AngularJS, against the Restful Objects viewer).


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