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18 Jun 2010, 18:57
michael kessler (18 posts)

Hello Ryan,

I just finished modifying the EngineCity Times site into my own website. And now need to bring over my content from my other website. I just downloaded the screencast “Pulling In External Content” and am looking at using FeedGrab to import my content from the old site to the new.

But on the EE boards I was pointed to XMLGrab as the tool to use, but over on the site the xmlGrab tutorial is the feedGrab tutorial.

So my question is: what’s the difference between xmlGrab and feedGrab, and will FeedGrab do the job of getting my entries from one site to the other?


21 Jun 2010, 11:03
Andrew Weaver (1 post)

Hi Michael,

I wrote the FeedGrab and XMLGrab plugins. FeedGrab will read RSS and ATOM feeds, XMLGrab will read most generic XML formatted files.

If your data is in RSS/ATOM format then FeedGrab will suit you fine.

I have a support forum at if I can be any more help.

Thanks, Andrew

31 Jul 2010, 02:04
michael kessler (18 posts)


I need some help troubleshooting a FeedGrab issue.(Can’t post in the Brandnewbox forum yet because my membership account has not been activated yet.)

My problem involves using FeedGrab to bring content from one weblog over into another. FeedGrab is showing that it’s ‘grabbing’ the content I’m pointing to when it ‘fetches’ and ‘checks’ in the browser, but those entries are not being pulled into the weblog I’m pointing to in the FeedGrab template I created.

{exp:feedgrab url=“” weblog=“102” title=“title” date=“pubDate” use=“link|description” fields=“dojo_url|dojo_body”}

My Troubleshooting Steps:

—I changed out the url to point to a couple of other RSS feeds I have set up and FeedGrab ‘grabs’ these entries and pulls them into my targeted weblog.

—I copied and pasted the code from one of the RSS templates that is working and replacing the necessary weblog references, but Feedgrab is still not pulling the ‘grabbed’ entries into the weblog.

Any other suggestions for troubleshooting this?


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