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03 May 2012, 15:47
Victor Sardina (7 posts)

Yes, you read that right…F-o-r-t-r-a-n… Regardless of the rather widespread percepction of Fortran as a sort of archaic programming language it does remain a staple in many technical fields. Fortran remains popular among scientists and engineers mainly due to its rather simple syntax, its speed for anything that requires intensive math calculations et al., and also because of the truck loads of code already written in it. Few good books on Fortran programming available, however, and almost none that covers its most recent versions (compilers trying to catch up too). Sometimes I wonder what PragProg could come up with in the Fortran area. A book about Fortran could include the use of OpenMP with Fortran for parallel programming, its object oriented features, etc. How that idea plays among all the other new and exciting languages and those “learning” a new language every year? I just don’t know.

08 Jun 2012, 06:08
debbie kloss (1 post)

Heh was a Fortran geek way back.

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