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08 Dec 2012, 12:17
Jesse Griffin (1 post)

I have an idea for a book that is centralized around a topic not yet tackled by any author from the Pragmatic Bookshelf… And I may end up just writing it myself! (really, I already have the content outlined for it).

It is, of course, the 3 aspects of the Zend stack: 1. Zend Server 2. Zend Studio (covering version 9) 3. Zend Framework (touching on 1.12 and focusing on 2.0)

These 3 entities combine to form a powerful, feature rich application stack that gives web apps some major perks that, until fairly recently, were missing from their development process. To name a few: a file structure that implements many tried and tested patterns (such as MVC), a standardized structure in which to build complex systems off of, integrated support for code tracing and, my favorite aspect of it, its open source.

It’s an amazing framework and the different customization possibilities of the existing codebase are virtually limitless. Zend has just released the Zend Framework 2, which I think will be the major focal point of the book.

Would you guys read something like this?


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