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19 Mar 2016, 23:59
cu l8er (5 posts)

There is a book named “Ruby under microscope”( that explains the implementation of ruby. It explains ruby internal easily without the real C code as possible. So readers can explain why and how ruby is good or bad, or what should be cared of in performance.

I want to read a clojure version of it because I always have much difficulty to persuade my boss and colleagues for using clojure. For example, I can’t explain how clojure do so-called “smart copy” when function like conj or cons is executed. I can’t even show the similar example java code that explain those function do. But that kind of things are what they, who usually use java for years and have some knowledge of internal of it, want to know.

I don’t want to read closely clojure’s source code for only persuading colleagues. So it will be very helpful if there is a book the explains clojure’s internal easily, explains how it keeps things immutable, keeps effectivity, manages status. Furthermore, The more I know such kind of things, The easily I can design and write code in clojure.

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