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27 Mar 2016, 16:58
Jean Osorio (4 posts)

Hello, I would like a book about reactjs and ruby on rails or if you prefer reactjs with phoenix.

Thanks in advance.

07 Apr 2016, 07:25
Pat Villacin (5 posts)

Oh, if you do React with Rails or Phoenix, please include some chapters dedicated to native mobile apps as well and what considerations to make on the backend/server-side when your app has to run on both web (SPA) and mobile (Android, iOS, etc…) platforms.

30 Jun 2016, 13:58
Matthias (1 post)

Really wan’t that too! A good way to built a Rails API with a React frontend. I can’t get that work really well… Would love a book about that!

17 Aug 2016, 16:07
Mark Laidlaw (5 posts)

For everybody that is interested in this, just curious if you’ve checked out the Rails Meets React book by Marcin Grzywaczewski? I haven’t (I generally won’t pay more than $25 for an ebook, and it’s like $50), so I’m just curious if anyone has and what they thought of it. In other words- are people looking for a Rails React book because they don’t know there is one somewhere, or because that one didn’t meet their needs/expectations? Thanks!

(Maybe this should be a new post, I don’t know, not trying to hijack the thread. If it helps, I am also interested in a Rails React book, but as I said, not going to gamble $50 to find out if the existing one is as good as a PragProg offering…)

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