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08 May 2009, 08:36
Tanja Pislar (7 posts)

I would really like to see a book on Pragmatic Django Devel. I know there are few books already out, but i love Pragmatic books - they are always a good read - and i would definitely buy one.

09 Jul 2009, 00:19
Nicholas Hilem (9 posts)

I agree. The Django books out there are small and light on the technical aspects. Save for “Pro Django”, but then Pro Django also skips a lot that I’ve gotten used to in reading the prag prog books and nothing seems to cover all aspects, such as deployment & security well (at least that I have seen).

15 Jul 2009, 09:48
Feisal Adur (1 post)

Forth’ed :-)

Plus this was also mentioned here

22 Jan 2010, 13:22
Gerard (6 posts)

Me too.

14 Apr 2010, 17:26
Clinton De Young (3 posts)

I too would enjoy reading a Pragmatic take on Django. I like everything about Pragmatic books from the rodent delivery mechanism to the content, and I think a Pragmatic take on Django would be the perfect edition to my own Pragmatic bookshelf.

18 May 2010, 23:47
Cody Krieger (4 posts)

+1 For Django. I’d love to learn it, and Pragmatic books seem to help me learn better than any other books I’ve used. The quality is great across the board. Consider it already pre-ordered. :)

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