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09 Jun 2009, 20:01
Sandy Ressler (1 post)

I’d love to see a good book about jQuery. There are a few goods books out there and tons of info on the web but I’d like to see one that steps through the development of several complete examples, perhaps oriented as a series of case studies. Anyway that’s what’s on my wish list.

17 Jun 2009, 17:52
mawdo (1 post)

yes please

22 Feb 2010, 02:20
Jaime Bellmyer (4 posts)

+1 for jQuery. although I’ll have to get something elsewhere in the mean time. There are very few publishers I trust for a clean, helpful explanation of languages/platforms, and pragprog is at the top of the list!

21 Apr 2010, 21:23
yves dufour (11 posts)

jQUery is going to be a ++++++ with Rails 3… just discovered the 1.4.1 release
I backup Sandy on it !!!

14 Sep 2010, 23:43
Andrew de Andrade (19 posts)

Me too.

This is what I sent to Andy via email regarding Javascript, but that can also apply to JQuery:

“That being said, there is a big gap in the books available and that would be a book on Javascript similar to Agile Web Development with Rails. In fact, I think a book that starts with a plain vanilla Rails application with no Javascript at all and then builds up the interface for that one application over time using that initial codebase would be a fantastic continuation to AWDwR. It’s possible that a completely implemented web-store in Rails (like the Depot app) would make a great place to start. It may even include sections on applying TDD to the Javascript parts possibly via functional testing with Selenium for example.”

15 Jan 2011, 16:35
Reno (2 posts)

I’d happily pay a lot of money for a book that covered how to use jQuery AJAX with Rails. The whole concept of how you would setup a jQuery widget or plugin with CRUD functionality through Rails is a total mystery to me. Say you want to use jsTree (jQuery-UI tree plugin w/ drag & drop) to handle a ‘has_many :through =>’ relationship (Directories, folders, contacts). I spent a few days on Google trying to figure that out and gave up. There’s nothing out there that really explains how you would go about setting up CRUD functionality for a jQuery plugin or widget. (I’m waving a stack of $20’s in the air).

14 Mar 2011, 20:54
Brian P. Hogan (178 posts)

There are some really really cool ideas here, people. I for one want to see a jQuery book myself…

11 Aug 2011, 17:32
michael turner (5 posts)

This one seems really obvious with the Rails 3.1 release including jQuery by default. Not to imply that the jQuery book should focus on Rails use, just that if there wasn’t already a large demand for such a book, this may tip the scales.

Although there is one jQuery book on the market with a decent pedigree, it’s quite dry and not very ebook friendly. I think this is a topic sorely in need of the pragprog treatment. I for one am looking forward to what you come up with.

06 Oct 2011, 19:36
Brian P. Hogan (178 posts)

What kind of book would work best?

  • A “recipes” style book?
  • A “Pragmatic Guide To….” style book like the Sass book?
  • A book with several projects, including client and server projects
  • A book with a single, monolithic app?
19 Dec 2011, 22:20
michael turner (5 posts)

Personally, I’d vote for…

A book with several projects, including client and server projects

Although any of the suggested formats would be an improvement over our current choices :)

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