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02 Jul 2009, 00:11
Derek Smyth (16 posts)

I was watching a video (PDC2008) last night on the future of unit testing. A panel of some very clever developers where discussing various topics (mocks). As I watched I realised none of them mentioned anything about making testing a non-event in the development lifecycle. Basically thats because it’s impossible but is it?

Just like meta-programming is the process of writing code that generates code is there scope for meta-testing, writing code that reflects code and generates tests, like Pex but better. Better in that the majority of unit tests would be generated during the build and then dumped when finished only to be regenerated again, maybe differently after code changes, on the next build. Dynamic generation of unit tests, meta-testing.

It becomes to non unit testing developers a non event, a feature of the compiler.

If that was possible then a book would be good. :)

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