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11 Aug 2009, 21:00
John Finch (2 posts)

There are no books to be found on PyObjC. This bridge, to enable Python to work alongside Objective-C on the Mac, seems so underutilized and yet so promising. It opens the doors of OSX’s Cocoa framework to Python programmers. Programs like the popular EagleFiler use it to great effect. Surely there’s a demand?

Online documentation for PyObjC is sadly lacking. Anything I’ve found is out of date with only a couple of blogs turning up snippets of interesting information.

Let’s have a great book on this intriguing mix of Python, Cocoa and Objective-C. I think Pragmatic is probably one of the only companies that could make it happen.

What say you?


14 Apr 2010, 17:24
Clinton De Young (3 posts)

I second John’s desire for a book on PyObjC.

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