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31 Oct 2009, 00:27
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

Oh man, I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before. This would be a perfect book to fit right in between Tim’s “Beginning MAC Programming” and Daniel’s more advanced “Cocoa Programming”. It fits because those new to programming should learn as quick as possible “Test First”. And since Cucumber is language agnostic, it would be a good integrated subject of the book as well. Any one for seconding??? :)

As a side note, the same type of book would be good with Android, especially with Java tending to be on the heavy, and sometimes overly complex, side of things.


07 Dec 2009, 13:56
Jakob Waller (1 post)

This is a brilliant idea!

07 Dec 2009, 22:40
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

Thanx, I thought it had its foundings.

14 Dec 2009, 04:07
Samuel Chandra (1 post)

Oh yes, this will be a great idea for iphone developer like me

14 Dec 2009, 18:07
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

There you go Prag.. Motion made, seconded, and carried.


26 Feb 2010, 21:06
Casey Yates (1 post)

I came into this forum to post this very idea, so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who would be interested in a book covering test/behavior-driven development.

This is particularly a bear on the iPhone; searching around the ‘net I can only find convoluted setup explanations for outdated versions of Xcode. None of this is useful from a theoretical standpoint, and iPhone testing has its own unique set of challenges as well.

UISpec looks very promising for spec-driven development, and seems to embrace many of the same testing principles that apply to rspec and Ruby on Rails. Considering that I hear nothing but hate for SenTestKit, a book that looks into the other options available for developers would be a godsend.

27 Feb 2010, 18:40
Ian Dees (212 posts)

Hi, all.

Though this falls far short of a book, I’ve got a little presentation on using Cucumber with UIKit.

The app and examples on the slides are now working with iPhone SDK versions 2.2, 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2 beta (the latter only in the iPhone simulator, of course).


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