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28 Jan 2010, 03:13
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

This goes without saying… Sort of a Niche product, but with possibilities.
I see it its’ strong points being:

1) The best mobile game platform out there.

2) A great replacement of the laptop in class rooms for taking notes. With the caveat that note taking programs (Notebook 3, OmniOutliner, etc) add a way for quickly and easily entering formulas and equations into it (typing alone does not cut in math, science and engineering). And possibly simple stick figure molecular structures for chemistry classes.

3) Great photo displays, despite no camera on it. Realistically you probably won’t want to take pictures with it any how. Use your Phone or pocket camera and upload. This thing, despite its light 1.5 lbs is still a bit bulky to wield for picture taking.

4) Every Sci-Fi Show and movie now a days shows the actors using data pad to do work even in places of engineering (Star Trek, Next Gen). This is that pad come to life (after 1 or 2 hardware and SDK versions).

5) Out does Kendle.

6) It does add another element to browsing. Not that big unless you are using a web app. But it does add a bit to it

My only hope is that it prints the docs you create. PDFs and uPub you get from the book store maybe a different issue with them possibly being secured and not allowed t print.

My recommendation. Get the Wi-Fi version only. The GSM is not worth the extra $130. When they get this to work on Wi-Max… Well that will be a different story (Sprint and Clear Wireless).

Get Busy Boys….

05 May 2010, 15:07
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

Well I guess that did not take long.

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