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01 Apr 2010, 12:31
Kimiko (2 posts)


are there any HTML5 books planned? Preferably the semantically correct kind, and suppose JavaScript to backup browsers that still doesn’t support all the new stuff.

01 Apr 2010, 16:04
Jonathan Waddilove (11 posts)

Yes please. Also covering HTML5 IDE options (like Dashcode?) would be a bonus.

01 Apr 2010, 17:13
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

I am in agreement too… But I had already posted this request a while back.

But Still Yes. HTML5 / CSS3

06 May 2010, 20:30
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Thank you for the suggestion! In fact, we have an HTML5/CSS3 book in the works. Stay tuned!

Best, Susannah Davidson Pfalzer Pragmatic Bookshelf

07 May 2010, 18:35
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

Will WebGL (based on OpenGL ES 2.0) be included in this? At least an intro chapter I hope. If not I recommend a book on that too. Everyone seems to be ready to Jump on HTML5 just as soon as things are finalized.

18 May 2010, 23:48
Cody Krieger (4 posts)

Great, looking forward to this one! :)

23 May 2010, 16:06
Brad Hutchins (142 posts)

Since it is questionable weather or not a WebGL part of the book. You might want a section that talks about the new HTML5 related technologies and what they can bring to the table…

Such as:

  • WebGL
  • Google Native Client (NaCl).
  • .....Vendors already planning on using this for custom web apps and Facebook
  • Cappuccino (renders to HTML 5 code).
  • .....Example Apps
  • The streaming video codecs.
  • etc . . .
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