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09 Feb 2010, 17:54
Tim Clark (2 posts)

This seems to happen a lot - a normal word next to an italic word is rendered so that the space between the two is not visible. (Problems with kerning?)

09 Feb 2010, 18:04
Tim Clark (2 posts)

On the other hand – maybe those spaces are just not there!? Eg. p20 anintermediate, p21 thesemantics, p23 buildabstract, p27 instructionsbytecodes, p29 calledtokens, .. and so on.

Perhaps this is a nice application for a little lexer to look for: textmore text (or whatever) and replace it with the missing space inserted?

10 Feb 2010, 05:39
Terence Parr (53 posts)

Hi Tim. Is this in PDF or ebook? Ter

10 Feb 2010, 10:49
Emilio Cortegoso (1 post)

Hi Terence. I’ve just received my printed book (from this week here in Spain, and the same typo appears (missing space in the transition between a normal word and and italiced one… Other than that, nice reading so far!

30 Jun 2010, 04:01
Robert Hencke (1 post)

I am getting this same problem in the eBook.

25 Oct 2010, 16:30
Takao Ono (1 post)

Hi, I’ve just downloaded PDF. As Tim said, ``the semantics’’ in l. 2, p. 21 lacks the space. I cannot find other four loss-of-space errors of Tim’s.

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