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03 Nov 2010, 04:49
Alex Rudyk (5 posts)

I want to try to build some kind of xpath processor. I’ve read the book, but still not sure what patterns best fit my goal.

Especially it’s hard to me to understand is xpath processor an interpreter or a translator. What I have to do after I have my xpath AST ready? How to evaluate xpath expression on xml input stream?

Could someone help me please.


14 Dec 2010, 19:40
Terence Parr (53 posts)

Hi Alex,Sorry for the delay. The patterns to use depend on what you plan on doing. At the very least, you need to parse the input, likely with them an LL(k) recursive descent parser or with a parser generator like ANTLR. you will need some kind of interpreter once you have the expressions in memory. this is a very general question I’m afraid.

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