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03 Aug 2009, 23:02
Rob Bugh (1 post)

Hi Dave, Thanks for the book. I appreciate developers like you who take on the huge task of enriching others like me. One observation, after downloading the code for Tekdays I tried to add a logo to a sponsor. Seems to have worked except it is not rendered correctly. I get a text area full of decimial values instead of a nice thumbnail image. Is this unfinished code?

Best Regards, Rob

Grails Developer in Austin

10 Aug 2009, 00:02
Dave Klein (34 posts)

Hi Rob,

First off, please forgive my late reply. I fell out of the habit of checking this forum. I’ve assigned one of my kids to remind so it won’t happen again. :)

Someone else asked about this earlier. Grails doesn’t provide image rendering by default but it’s not very hard to do. I wasn’t able to fit it into the book though. So, I will be posting an example of creating a custom tag to render the Sponsor logo on the book’s blog:

I plan on making this the first or second post on the blog. Look for it sometime this week.

Thanks, Dave

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