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16 Aug 2009, 04:29
Dave Klein (34 posts)

The first post in the GQuick blog is on how to display an image in a GSP. Specifically we’ll cover how to display the Sponsor logo property in the Sponsor show page. The technique can be used to display any image stored as a domain class property on any GSP though.

I hope it is helpful, Dave

17 Aug 2009, 02:13
Dave Klein (34 posts)

Sorry, forgot the link.

13 Sep 2009, 18:39
Paolo Foletto (1 post)

I’m able to use this tecnique to display an image in a GSP. The logo is nillable, so if there is the logo I’m able to show the logo, but if the logo is null, I get an error on the console and a broken image on the page. How I can display nothing if the logo is null?

14 Sep 2009, 17:18
Dave Klein (34 posts)


Good question. The quick fix would be to wrap the tag in the show view with a tag. Something like this:

Perhaps a better solution would be to create a custom tag. This might a future entry at

Thanks, Dave

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