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22 Nov 2009, 21:06
Bharat Ruparel (148 posts)

Hello Dave, I am in Icing on the Cake Chapter using Grails 1.2 M4. I installed grails-ui plugin following the instructions given without any problems, but it does not work :( It simply displays the text in gui:dialog box inline without the popup dialog box. I googled for information and found the following post on Twitter:

“Ha! I fooled grails-ui plugin into working. Simple matter of reinstalling 1.1.1 version on #Grails 1.2-M3 & updating 6:40 PM Nov 13th from web”

I am not sure how to make it work. Please help.



23 Nov 2009, 17:29
Bharat Ruparel (148 posts)

I am all set. I posted this problem in a more generically on the Grails Nabble forum and got a helpful response which gives me a temporary fix. Here is the link for those who may be interested.


25 Nov 2009, 03:00
Dave Klein (34 posts)

Thanks for the follow-up. I ran into this issue too. There are often issues with plugins and milestone releases. I’m sure they’ll be ironed out before the 1.2 release.

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