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20 Sep 2010, 16:34
David Brown (1 post)

Hello Dave and Grailers, I have a tale of two IDEA Grails projects: 1. Dave’s TekEvent running in IDEA (9.0.3) Grails: 1.3.4 2. My Grails project app in IDEA (9.0.3) Grails: 1.3.4

My central interest focus is the Many-to-One implemented between the TekEvent and TekUser. In the TekEvent app a hasMany is implemented with property: volunteers of type: TekUser. The autocomplete shows access to methods such as: addToVolunteers(). The autocomplete works for both the TekEventController and the BootStrap.groovy.

In my app I have setup a similar Many-to-One with a single hasMany item. Here, the autocomplete only works in the Controller and is not visible at all in the BootStrap.groovy which prevents me from loading record data upon boot.

Howto debug or find what I’m doing wrong?

Pls advise, David.

21 Sep 2010, 18:50
Dave Klein (34 posts)

Hi David,

I don’t use IDEA so I’m not sure how much help I can be here. If you go ahead and make a call to a method that should exist, such as .addToVolunteers(), does it run? Is the problem just that the code completion isn’t showing what it should? I have seen many situations where code that works fine from the command line has problems with an IDE. So, maybe you could try what you are trying with a text editor and then just run it from the command line. If that works, then there is something not configured correctly in your IDE. You might want to post on the Grails mailing list since many Grails users do use IDEA.

Sorry I’m not much more help, Dave

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