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11 Jan 2011, 17:06
Timothy Good (2 posts)


I have really been enjoying the book. Thanks!

I do have one question. I bought the paperback edition of the book and downloaded the code from the site. In the folder structure that houses the code you tend to use single word folder names. In some cases, it is fairly obvious which folders match up with which chapters. In others, however, it is not obvious at all and since the parent folders tend to all have the exact same internal structure with the project in different stages it can be difficult to figure out which code is for which chapter.

This is how I have matched things up so far:

introduction - 1 ourproject - 2 foundation - 3

beyond - 5 things - 6 forum - 7 forum.1 - 7 security - 8 bigger - 9 seek - 10 seek.1 - 10 icing - 11 deploy - 12 model - (Chapter 4 ??) model.1 - ? model.2 - 3 model.3 - ?

Could you direct me to where this mapping exists or fill in the blanks in my list?

Seems it would just be easier if the folders were named Chapter_1, etc. :-)

Thanks, Tim

11 Jan 2011, 18:57
Dave Klein (34 posts)

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the kind words and for going through the effort to map those out. I agree that the naming is a bit confusing. I have been working on fixing things for the second printing and I had to dig around to find where the code was.

But to fill out your list: model is for chapter 4 as are all the model.n directories. The rest of your list is spot on.

Thanks again and feel free to post any other questions you have.


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