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19 Jul 2012, 17:55
Francois Mongeau (1 post)

I like the book very much. Down-to-earth, real-life stuff with good simple examples. A good investment of mine. One Q and a constructive suggestion: 7.5 says “Simplify the Relationship” then it looks like 7.5.1 says “Reverse the Reference” and 7.5.2 says “Create a Common Super-Table”. But it’s not really clear the hierarchy (7.5.1 & 7.5.2) because the font sizes are really similar; numbering the subtitles would be more clear. That was the suggestion. My Question is : When should we use the “Reverse the Reference” solution and when should we use the “Create a Common Super-Table” solution? in other words what are the pros and cons of each? Thanks and congrats for a great book. (or perhaps I am misunderstanding the solution)

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