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16 Apr 2009, 06:50
Jacques Crocker (3 posts)

With the second edition out (now named “Passionate Programmer”), I was thinking about giving it a reread. Will you guys offer an “upgrade” so I don’t have to pay full price for the second edition?

23 May 2009, 10:32
Balint Erdi (2 posts)

Agreed. I love “My job went to India”, an upgrade would be great, as far as I can tell the bulk of the content is very similar, isn’t it?

23 May 2009, 11:05
Raul Murciano (2 posts)

I own “My job…“‘s dead tree edition but I would gladly pay for an upgrade in pdf too.

24 May 2009, 01:37
Julian Mann (1 post)

I own “My Job went to India” too. Great book, but I didn’t realize this was the same book, otherwise I would have spent my money on a different pragmatic book. I think when changing the title for the second edition it should probably be made clear for impulsive shoppers like me who don’t check the contents, that it is in fact the same book.

05 Jun 2009, 21:03
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Glad you’ve enjoyed “My Job Went to India,” and thank you for asking about upgrades. Because Chad’s book is a new, second edition we treat it as a new book. It’s the same for new editions of any of our titles – you’ll need to re-purchase the book (although we do offer free e-book upgrades for new printings of an existing book). We hope you’ll check out Chad’s new content in “The Passionate Programmer,” though!

Best, Susannah Pfalzer Pragmatic Bookshelf

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