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27 Sep 2010, 02:54
David Kapp (8 posts)

I’m interested in the topic of Rails security, and this seems to be the only dedicated book on the topic. With the recent release of Rails 3, however, it’s hard for me (not being especially well-versed yet in the differences between 2 and 3) to be sure if this would still be a useful book or not. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

04 Nov 2010, 11:29
David W. Wormuth (7 posts)

I am using this book with a Rails 3 project. There are tweaks that need to change in the sample code to support Rails 3, but the deprecation warnings in Rails 3 guide the way. I have the code from Chapter 8 working on Rails 3.0.1 and Ruby 1.9.2.