26 Jul 2012, 19:55

Edward H. (1 post)

After experiencing and practicing Unit Tests (much with the help of this great book), I was looking for some information on the next level of testing in the Embedded C arena.

Especially in checking inter-thread interactions. Isn’t this subject worth a book? :)

Thanks, Ed.

05 Sep 2012, 16:39

James Grenning (141 posts)

It is a topic worth more investigation. I have a few blog posts about testing code that uses concurrency mechanisms. It may not be exactly what you are asking for, but is how to unit tests RTOS dependent code off target.

http://www.renaissancesoftware.net/blog/archives/282 http://www.renaissancesoftware.net/blog/archives/288 http://www.renaissancesoftware.net/blog/archives/303

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