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06 Nov 2012, 21:50
John Breitenbach (1 post)


I’m working my way through the book, and it is fantastic. I’ve got a development environment running under eclipse with MinGW, and have successfully built up the leddriver example using Unity and following TDD per James’ instructions in the book.

So I’m sold on using TDD for my embedded project.

But, I can’t figure out how to add a second build configuration to my eclipse project that uses my embedded compiler. Add the configuration is easy enough, but getting it to build is a whole other story.

My embedded compiler uses a different builder than gcc (a proprietary one versus the CDT standard builder). My understanding from the book is that it is critical to be able to build quickly and efficiently for either target (PC/MinGW or embedded) from within the same IDE workspace. If I have to create a separate project for each target, this seems like a showstopper to me. It’s going to discourage use of TDD by my team. Switching embedded compilers is not an option for me.

So, does anyone know if it is possible in eclipse to create a single project that uses two different builders and compilers? The goal is to be able to build for the MinGW/Windows environment most of the time, while periodically switching to the embedded target occasionally for verification (per James’ book, this is the recommended flow).

Is this doable? I’ve googled around and can’t find a single example explaining how to do this.

Thanks in advance,


21 Nov 2012, 13:18
Mikhail Gruzdev (5 posts)

Create ‘Makefile Project with Existing code’ and write your own makefile.

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