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23 Apr 2013, 00:52
Hosung Kim (1 post)

Hi. I am a novice in eclipse CDT. I read README.txt but I cannot load BookCode into eclipse. How to load the projects into eclipse in windows?

23 Apr 2013, 10:41
Erick van Rijk (2 posts)

Its quite easy to do.

Create your workspace. Drop the BookCode folder into the workspace directory.

Go to File/New/Makefile project with existing code. Browse to your Bookcode directory and select your target directory (say t0). NOTE, I do not add the complete BookCode directory as the root sourcode directory for overview.

Select your Toolchain/compiler. Issuggest you use cygwin gcc. (you will need to install cygwin first).

Click finish.

You should now have a working project in your workspace.

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