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04 Jan 2017, 08:20
sam dup (3 posts)

On page 62 the book asks us to make a test called OutOfBoundsProducesRuntimeError.

I made it and then, like it was supposed to, it failed. Right after the book says that the test should fail the book says “Now add the call to RUNTIME_ERROR(); the test passes.”

I have no idea what add the call to RUNTIME_ERROR(): means. I looked at the correct code in your bookcode and it looks just like mine but mine draws a failure.

here is my test

TEST(LedDriver, OutOfBoundsProducesRunTimeError)
    TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_STRING("LED Driver: out-of-bounds LED", RuntimeErrorStub_GetLastError());
    TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL(-1, RuntimeErrorStub_GetLastError());

this is exactly what the one in the book looks like. When i run make I get the error that Expected ‘LED Driver: out-of-bounds LED’ Was ‘No Error’

I tried to add the line RUNTIME_ERROR(“LED Driver: out-of-bounds LED”,-1); to the test but then I got the error Expected -1 Was 4223633

which was really weird. Any help?

04 Apr 2017, 03:03
Guillermo (1 post)

Hi, i think you should add the RUNTIME_ERROR() in the test case like this:

TEST(LedDriver,OutOfBoundsProducesRuntimeError) { LedDriver_TurnOn(-1); RUNTIME_ERROR(“LED Driver: out-of-bounds LED”,-1); TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL_STRING(“LED Driver: out-of-bounds LED”, RuntimeErrorStub_GetLastError()); TEST_ASSERT_EQUAL(-1,RuntimeErrorStub_GetLastParameter()); }

i was struggling with that too, the book is not very clear in that part

05 Apr 2017, 11:51
James Grenning (161 posts)


The idea was to create a test stub version of a function or macro called RUNTIME_ERROR that takes two parameters. Your test stub version would hold on to the parameters so that the test case can check them.

Does that help?


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