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14 Apr 2010, 16:55
Dave Kellogg (27 posts)

Hi James, In some of the examples, you repeatedly expand on a prior little snippet of code.

It would help readability if there was some typographical convention to highlight the changes from one snipped to the next. For instance, perhaps code repeated from the prior instance could be lightly shaded, so that my attention is directed to what is unshaded and new in the current snippet.

I do approve of showing the entire snippet each time – it helps maintain the context.

15 Apr 2014, 09:50
chew alvin (1 post)

I would like to know where to get sample code. I am totally new to TDD and i just install CUnit. i hv brought old version “Test Driven Development for Embedded C” and i like to know where to download the code

alvin houmingc@gmail

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