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26 Jun 2010, 01:06
Greg Heath (5 posts)

I am looking an getting the book and wanted to know if Visual Studio Express will do for working through this book or do I need the professional version?

It seems to have a open source slant to the book so I am assuming all tools required for the book are either open source or free. Is this accurate?

Thanks Greg

26 Jun 2010, 15:56
Jonathan McCracken (34 posts)


Certainly Visual Studio Express will work. You’ll need to either use the NUnit console or NUnit GUI to run your unit tests since you won’t be able to use Resharper with Visual Studio Express.

There are quite a few sidebar Resharper tips, but they’re not going to prevent you from working through the whole book. Alternatively, you can also get a 90 day trail of Visual Studio Professional and a 30 day trial of Resharper.

Hope that helps,


27 Jun 2010, 00:27
Dave Mateer (1 post)


I’ve just bought this eBook and am starting to go through it! Regarding Express and nUnit, I wrote a post a while ago on getting it working:



27 Jun 2010, 09:28
Greg Heath (5 posts)

Hi Jonathan and Dave,

Thanks for the feedback, I am looking forward to the book. I will use Express to start with using Dave’s instructions.

Cheers, Greg

17 Aug 2010, 22:12
Greg Heath (5 posts)

This is a useful link for integrating nUnit and VS Express.

Works great for launching nUnit from your tools menu.


03 Mar 2011, 15:02
Robert Stackhouse (10 posts)

In response to the title of the thread “What IDE is needed for this book?”, the answer is: none.

If you are coding along with this book and you have 15 minutes before you turn out the light after finishing the day’s chores to fix a bug, you could fire up Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer and wait ten minutes—if you’re on an older machine (a vista laptop in my case)—then fix the bug.

Or, you could fix it with GVim or Notepad++, build it with NAnt or MSBuild, and fix another one.

This is why I humbly suggest that the section on automating builds be moved to the front of the book if not the section on configuring IIS as well.

Automated builds save time (though probably not lives).