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30 Nov 2010, 12:12
John Baron (1 post)

I’m most of the way through the book and finding it very useful. But I’m now at the stage where NHibernate, Castle Windsor etc are involved and I’ve now got a compiler issue. I have the latest versions of the various DLLs, but something is asking for an earlier version of Castle Windsor. There are different versions included with the various packages. Is there a sneaky way round the issue, or do I need to get the source code and build my own versions?

30 Nov 2010, 16:08
Jonathan McCracken (34 posts)


Yes this is a bit of dependency nightmare… I’ve actually posted the DLLs you need here on my blog:

The problem lies in a version mis-match of Castle Dynamic Proxy is incompatible with FluentNHibernate and Castle Windsor. So to solve the problem I just compiled the assemblies myself.

I haven’t checked lately if FluentNHibernate is now using a more modern version of Castle Dynamic Proxy, but if they are that might also solve the problem.

Hope that helps,