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17 Sep 2011, 19:03
Brendan Boyd (2 posts)

I spent about six hours trying to get your first application in your book getting started, with the author quotes to run the other day and I had no success. In the first place I tried to open the solutions via Visual Studio 2010 and then a conversion dialog box opened up before I could load the solution app asking if I wanted to convert the application to the newest version of .NET 4 framework and when I tried that it croaked out and said that it had failed on the conversion process. Then I just created my own empty MVC application and tried to import them over to my new website from the directory which I downloaded your code and it did not like index.aspx view saying things like two main contents are not usable in the same page and all kinds of other warnings and other things that wouldn’t even allow me load the index.aspx page in design view saying that it couldn’t find the master.file page etc, etc, Then it had some complile errors too that were annoying as heck. All in all nothing that I tried to load from the source code from your book worked and it all just croaked out on me with compile errors in some of the controller files. I don’t know what to do a this point.

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