16 Sep 2012, 21:02

chris (1 post)

Hi Jonathan,

Great book, thank’s for writing it!


I am pretty new to the topic and am trying to understand the difference between a Story Planning Meeting (SPM) and an Iteration Planning Meeting (IPM).

On page 180 of the book it says:

  • Make sure next iteration’s work is ready (story-planning meeting).
  • Plan the next iteration’s work (iteration planning meeting).

I’ve read the entire chapter slowly and carefully, but I don’t understand the difference between “make sure the work is ready” and “plan the work.”

Related Question

Just to keep it simple, lets say we are doing 1-week iterations that start on Mondays and end on Fridays. Which meeting (SPM/IPM) would be on which day? Or might the meetings be on the same day?? Or might they even be combined into one meeting? I know we are free to do what works for us, but am interested in what you think might be typical/good/work well, Sensei :)

Thank you, Chris

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