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16 Sep 2012, 21:02
Christopher Comella (1 post)

Hi Jonathan,

Great book, thank’s for writing it!


I am pretty new to the topic and am trying to understand the difference between a Story Planning Meeting (SPM) and an Iteration Planning Meeting (IPM).

On page 180 of the book it says:

  • Make sure next iteration’s work is ready (story-planning meeting).
  • Plan the next iteration’s work (iteration planning meeting).

I’ve read the entire chapter slowly and carefully, but I don’t understand the difference between “make sure the work is ready” and “plan the work.”

Related Question

Just to keep it simple, lets say we are doing 1-week iterations that start on Mondays and end on Fridays. Which meeting (SPM/IPM) would be on which day? Or might the meetings be on the same day?? Or might they even be combined into one meeting? I know we are free to do what works for us, but am interested in what you think might be typical/good/work well, Sensei :)

Thank you, Chris

22 Apr 2015, 00:46
Jonathan Rasmusson (14 posts)

Hi Chris,

Great question. Story Planning Meetings (SPM) are about doing our homework and making sure our stories are ready for development next Sprint. They aren’t about planning. They aren’t about project health. They are purely focused on getting our next batch of stories ready.

IPMs on the other hand are all about planning. We don’t do any homework here (that was taken care of for us in SPM). Here we just show what we did (the showcase), say what we are going to do (next iterations plan), and a short retro (how we can improve).

Sometimes like to do both these meetings together. Others find them too long and so split them apart.

As far as the one week iterations go I think you could do both in one meeting. A week is a short period of time. So your stories are going to have to be very small. So I would try to do both the story prep (SPM) and planning (IPM) in the same meeting.

Good luck! Jonathan

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