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17 Oct 2011, 08:07
Ogawa Kiyoshi (1 post)

The Agile Samurai is very useful for me. I want to use the source codes below.

Now I have some trouble about source codes.

Error 1 ‘src.CustomerProfileManager.Exists(int)’: not all code paths return a value

D:\agile\code\tdd\src\CustomerProfileManager.cs 23

Error 2 The name ‘value’ does not exist in the current context

D:\agile\code\tdd\src\Card.cs 73 20 src

Error 3 ‘src.Card.value’ is inaccessible due to its protection level

D:\agile\code\tdd\src\Card.cs 73

For Error 1, I added “return true;”.

For Error 2, I added “int value” like this, public bool IsLessThan(Card newCard, int value)

For Error 3, change privete to public, like this, public int value;

Are these workaround meaningless or no?

Are there any places for discussing the sample code?

I am using Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 full installation. Also using Nunit 2.5.10.

Best Regards.

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