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08 Jul 2010, 09:29
Uberto (1 post)

I just bought the book yesterday and I’d like to have my money back. I’m a java programmer and I’m using gae since a month, documentation is quite poor, and my main guide is the o’reilly antelope book. I was hoping that Prag book will boost my knowledge, especially with recently introduced feature. Instead the book is covering only very basic stuff and also in the “advanced part” doesn’t cover normal daytoday problems with GAE. I just read a chapter on indexes and there are some misleading advices on auto-indexes.

08 Jan 2011, 23:42
Mark Chu-Carroll (14 posts)

GAE is very much a moving target, so there’s always going to be recently introduced features that we miss. Now that I’ve finished the first draft of the book, I’m doing my best to go through the earlier chapters and update it to cover recent changes.

But for the most part, I think that the best thing about GAE is that it is fundamentally simple. There isn’t a huge quantity of complicated frameworks. It’s mostly a very simple system, based on building HTTP servlets. The only real novelty is the datastore - aside from that, the trick to learning to use GAE is really just learning how to put together an application based on stateless handler code.

I’ve gotten some feedback from one of the GAE tech leads at Google, and I’ll be updating the indexing section based on his feedback - so hopefully, that will take care of the problems there.

What sort of day-to-day problems do you have with GAE that aren’t covered? I’ve written about the ones that I’ve experienced. If there are some that I missed, I’ll certainly do my best to add solutions.

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