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29 Sep 2010, 21:29
Prashant Kesarwani (1 post)

After the first example. The books stops telling you how to run the example. I would like to follow through. Example how do i run mutichat example ?

08 Jan 2011, 23:12
Mark Chu-Carroll (14 posts)

Running the other examples is exactly the same as the way you do that first one.

In the first example, you set up an application first in the online control panel. The you put together the application on your local machine. When you’re ready to deploy the code from your local machine, you run @appcfg update appname@.

That’s what you always do. So to run the multichat example, you’d just set up an application named “multichat” on the GAE online control panel. Then you’d create a local directory named “multichat” on your machine. In that directory, you’d put an “app.yaml” file which contained the information about your application - in particular, giving the application’s deployment name in the “application:” line. Since you’d be working with the multichat app, you’d put “application: multichat” on the first line of app.yaml. Then you could deploy the application to the GAE server by running “appcfg update multichat”.

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