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13 Feb 2011, 21:10
Tom Malone (3 posts)


I am following along, typing Python code as I proceed through the book, and I encountered a problem with the get() method of the ChatRoomCountedHandler class on page 80 of the PDF.

I have triple checked my code and am reasonably sure it’s not a typo or bug I’ve introduced myself, but I keep getting the following error when trying to iterate through the list of retrieved messages (after creating a list and reversing it) in this code:

msglist = list(messages).reverse() for msg in msglist:

The dev_appserver produces this error message: “TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable”

I definitely have some (six) messages in my local “datastore,” so the problem is not an empty list. I did not see any entries for page 80 in the errata, so I decided to post here in the hopes of getting some help.

Thanks! Tom Malone

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